The Life Mastery Project


What is The Life Mastery Project

LMP is my life’s mission. I didn’t put the pieces together until recently, but being a child abuse survivor and struggling my whole life to “be successful” yet most days feeling like I was “just barely getting by,” I learned some incredibly valuable life lessons.

My story is one of overcoming addictions, mental disorders, debilitating fears, giving all of my power away to others, feeling trapped in toxic relationships, and breaking free from a rewarding yet ultimately life-sucking career.

Today, I now have incredible clarity into why those hardships plagued me, and more importantly, hindsight as to what worked and what didn’t in me finding deep and lasting freedom.

Today, I am living in an all-out pursuit of my best life.

Does that mean my life is perfect or easy; not even close!

Does it mean I am perfect; again, not even close!

But what it does mean, is that I am now fully engaged with life. I like who I am, and I am excited about my future again.

And I am taking radical risks to pursue my dreams.

And even better, I can stay focused and committed to my goals like never before in my life!

And it just so happens, that one of my passions and core strengths is being a strategic thinker; I love organizing information in a way that is digestible, impactful, and meaningful.

Philosophically, The Life Mastery Project is an outpouring of my own heart back into the world, fueled by a desire that every person realize how wonderfully made they are and the incredible potential each person has.

And also to help drill home that we can all overcome the fears, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage that keeps us stuck in unsatisfying and unfulfilled lives.

Tangibly, the Life Mastery Project is becoming a comprehensive collection of online programs, blogs, podcasts and social media groups centered around the tools, wisdom, and best-practices that can facilitate launching more dream builders; people who are fully equipped to begin living their best life right away.  And people who are capable of using their super-power to function as part of the solutions to what ails this world, and stop getting shoved around by the hardships of life.

All of this is began in July 2019. The online program is under development, the first podcasts are being recorded, and the websites are going online.

It’s a massive undertaking for a lone warrior, but I’m up for the challenge.

If you are here now, then you are at ground zero of what I hope becomes a movement of like-minded people taking the reigns of their life back and impacting the world around them in a powerful way.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then sign up, like, comment… get involved… I need all the support I can get.

Let’s do this!

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