It Begins…

scary dark panel here…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

OK, when I had my epiphany that avoidance and “talking myself out of stuff” was the enemy who was keeping me trapped in a “less-than” life, and I then decided to “say yes” to all of my ideas, no matter how crazy, well… ESPECIALLY if they seemed crazy… I didn’t know that I would be writing online programs, starting on a new book, creating a podcast, developing live and online workshops… I have so many oars in the water I’m amazed the boat is still afloat!!

Well, that isn’t exactly true. Through a series of unforeseen events, I decided to leave my successful (well-paying) IT career of 30 years to pursue my passion of helping people get unstuck in life. It is what I have done on most evenings and weekends for nearly 10 years through various church and secular groups.

But THIS is for sure “next level stuff” that I could have never imagined myself doing even a couple months ago.

I thought “hey, I know, I’ll become a life coach”. That is like saying “hey, I think I’ll learn how to become a double-black-diamond skier! Sure it’s fun buying the gear, getting your look on… but at some point you have to get off the chair-lift.

So, here we are, the soft launch of The Life Mastery Project. It’s still VERY new, very raw… I don’t know if it will ever not be raw though, because I am super happy just being a work-in-progress, and I lead with my own weaknesses, and I have no problem asking for help or forgiveness.

It’s OK to blunder our way through this life, but it’s NOT OK to not GO FOR IT in every way possible; relationships, career aspirations, becoming the best version of ourselves and falling in love with that person.

I am not talking about ego here, in fact I’m talking about ego death.

But alas, this first post is just to say “hey world”… so…

Yep, that’s me!


So I have humble plans for this site to begin with. A new podcast will be uploaded soon and I’m going to kick off a new blogsite.

In addition I hope to startup a new tribe FB page and find some other cool ways that we can connect, share the things that work really great in getting motivated to past the hurdles of life.

If you didn’t want to wait until I start populating this site with cool stuff you could check out:

  • Visit my Coaching Website at Nikaos.netwarning, it is new and raw also, but you can find information about my coaching services, a little more about me, about The Life Mastery Project, and a few blogs to get to know what I’m all about… a little bit
  • Sign up for The Life Mastery Project mail-listwarning, it is so new and raw that you can only add your email address to be informed of project launch. There have been rumors that people on that list will be getting free eBooks and cool stuff prior to launch, not sure who is spreading that rumor though (ok, maybe it was me!)

Ok, I guess that’s all there is for today… more soon!!