LMP #2: Is Anxiety a Myth


Anti-anxiety medicine kills more people in the United States than all illegal drugs combined. And the prescription rate has risen over 67% in the last several years alone.

So if the problem is getting worse, and the prescription rate and death rates are both exponentially increasing, are we really seeing the problem accurately?

I propose that anxiety is not the problem, but instead, a condition created by a bigger problem, and actually, that problem isn’t a problem at all, unless we make it one.

Wonder what the hell I’m actually talking about?

Check out this week’s podcast to find out.

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LMP #1: The Life Mastery Series Overview


The Life Mastery Series Overview

The Life Mastery Series is an aggressive project I started writing in June 2019 with an intended release date of Fall 2019.

It is an online roadmap of sorts, designed to take someone who is completely stuck in life, not knowing what they want, or how to get there, all the way to thriving, both inside and out.

It all begins by taking that first foreign and unfamiliar step.

Listen in while I explain the general framework of the Life Mastery Series online program and discover more about why I became a Life Coach and am committed to cranking out quality content via the Life Mastery Series and Life Mastery Project offerings. 

Let’s do this!

Program Listing

*(beta course listing – subject to change prior to release)

LMS1 – Empowerment – Best Life Blueprint

  1. Overcoming Roadblocks to Success
  2. Discovering Your Passions & Power
  3. Discovering a New Reality
  4. Designing Your Perfect Day Blueprint
  5. Setting Milestones & Accountability

LMS2 – Enlightenment  – Best Self Blueprint

  1. Discovering WHO YOU ARE
  2. Discovering WHAT YOU CAN DO
  3. Discovering WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO DO
  4. Discovering WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO
  5. Discerning WHAT YOU CAN’T CONTROL

LMS3 – Ascension – Inner Peace & Fulfillment

  1. Becoming Fully Alive & Vibrant EVERY DAY
  2. Becoming Fully Connected to yourself, others and God
  3. Becoming Fully Engaged in EVERYTHING YOU DO
  4. Experiencing Inner Peace with yourself & others
  5. Learning to Live Fully Inspired
  6. Becoming Your Best Fan

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